12 June 2005:  Now that I'm back from NJ, the kittens get treated to some sensory overload, as they meet their first set of visitors.  Predictably, "cute" & "adorable" are the standard descriptions.  At nighttime, they use up some energy racing to the top of the oak-branch [pictures to follow later...]

11 June 2005:  The kittens are now much more at home, approaching me a lot more enthusiastically.  I add a new toy: just a rope with a knot at the end, suspended from some planting-hanging hardware in the ceiling.  They also get a brief chance to run around the South Bedroom while I fold laundry.  Tonight, though, they spend the night alone, as I make a quick visit to my mother in New Jersey.

09 June 2005:  The kittens now come approach me when I enter the room and seem to enjoy getting scritched for short sessions.  They're also discovering the soothing touch of The Brush....  Beginning to look through the glass door, to gaze at what I'm so far preventing them from exploring.

08 June 2005:  Kittens are obnoxiously cute beasties who use their mouths to process catfood and their claws to process rugs, towels, & anything else they can find. They're still wrapped up in the total wonderfulness of each other, with every facet of their new environment requiring joint exploration.  They're now coming to realize that I'm often a part of that environment.  Can't say they're "friendly" yet -- but at this stage I'm perfectly happy with "cautiously outgoing" and "tolerant".

06 June 2005:  Kittens leave their birth-home and are introduced to the second-floor sunroom.  It takes them approximately twenty seconds to hop out of the carrying case, and another twenty to find the food.